In association with Discover Mongolia Travel and Business Council of Mongolia (BCM), Ms. Enkhzul has started a brand new content strategy project “Doing Business in Mongolia” which has produced three main outcomes: a business e-book, a relevant website, and original Youtube series.

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The best, the brightest and the most successful 12 business leaders in Mongolia have been interviewed for the project to provide guidance for foreign investors and aspiring entrepreneurs interested in investing and doing business in Mongolia.

Below is a picture taken during an interview with the first of the Essential 12: Garrett Wilson, Managing Director of Wagner Asia Automotive, a major automotive dealer in Mongolia.

The second business leader interviewed was Mr. Byambasaikhan Bayanjargal, Former CEO of Mongolia’s sole sovereign wealth fund, Managing Partner of NovaTerra LLC and the Chairman of Business Council of Mongolia.
The third business leader shared her business philosophy and ups and downs of being Mongolia’s first start-up company to be internationally recognized was Ms. Khulan Davaadorj – social entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Lhamour organic beauty brand.
 The fourth business leader, sharing his tips on succeeding in Mongolia, particularly in real estate and urban development, was Mr. Christopher de Gruben, Managing Partner of M.A.D Investment Solutions.
The fifth business leader representing investment and brokerage services company Mongolia International Capital Corporation was Mr. Achit-Erdene. His company has advised a number of national leading corporations as well as foreign investors in fulfilling their financial needs with regard to doing business in Mongolia.
The sixth business leader we talked to was Mr. Michael Morrow, Executive Director of Mongolian Artisan Cheese Makers Union LLC. They are aiming to establish a network of 100 small cheese plants across the country.
 The seventh business leader we had the pleasure talking to was Mr. Oliver Kuhn, General Manager of the first international chain hotel in Mongolia – Kempinski Hotel Khan Palace.
Interview with Oliver Kuhn
The eighth business leader who graciously shared the most common business challenges faced by foreign business people was Mrs. Elisabeth Koppa, founder and owner of Valiant Art and Interiors.
Interview with Mrs Koppa
The ninth business leader we interviewed was one of the most influential female business leaders in the country – Ms. Onchinsuren – Founding and Managing Partner of Deloitte Onch – a branch firm of one of the Big 4 global professional services firms.
The tenth business leader shared his views on current economic and business challenges in Mongolia, and gave his invaluable advice on overcoming said hurdles was Mr. Daniel Mahoney – Partner at MahoneyLiotta law firm.
Dan Mahoney_3
Mr. Robert Stearns, who has 40 year experience in the education sector and the Director of the first International School of Ulaanbaatar, talked to us as the eleventh business leader. We talked about the past, the present and the future trends in Mongolian education sector.
The last, but certainly not the least, business leader invited to the project was Ms. Gandolgor – Founder and CEO of Ganabell Institute of Success. She provided some valuable lessons in overcoming one of the most common business challenges in Mongolia: HR strategy and management.
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