Our growing client/strategic partnership portfolio includes the following organizations, so far.

Note: Ms. Enkhzul works with various strategic partners and other independent consultants and professionals, where applicable, on each of her project/program implementation.

1. Ms. Enkhzul was appointed as the LKYSPP Executive Education Associate in 2016. She facilitates intensive, short-term training programs designed for managers of Mongolian public, private and people’s sector organizations under the same curriculum carried out by the esteemed faculty from this Asia’s top higher education institution (where she earned her master’s degree). She also manages customized, on-demand programs implemented by the LKYSPP Executive Education for public officials and private sector leaders in Mongolia.


2. Ms. Enkhzul also acts as a local partner of a Singaporean education consultant who assists high school students in securing an admission to top US and UK universities. Cialfo also provides an online solution (Companion Platform) to other education consultants as well as high schools in assisting their students to apply for US and UK colleges and universities.


3. Another business Ms. Enkhzul is helping to introduce their products to Mongolia is EMPIC GMBH, a German software house. EMPIC-EAP is the go-to software solution for aviation regulators worldwide in increasing their work efficiency, managing stakeholders’ engagement and insuring timely compliance with the international safety standards, among many others.


4. Ms. Enkhzul is a Partner in Business Development at the Discover Mongolia Travel (DMT), one of Mongolia’s premier tour operators. She has also produced strategic content/articles for the company.


5. As a social entrepreneur, Ms. Enkhzul has co-founded and started working as an Executive Director of Educated Initiatives NGO/Боловсролын Санаачилгууд ТББ. The NGO has three main functions; 1) publishing original and translated individual and institutional strategic development related articles through their online platform, 2) providing strategic development and business consultancy and training to SME at subsidized fees, and 3) supporting and co-operating with other socially responsible initiatives and institutions.